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Underwater notebook

Contains 25 pages of reusable waterproof paper, cover is made from durable 2250D PU coated ballistic nylon.  Clear window pockets on the inside and outside of the back cover for important items such as tables, checklist, compass etc.

Ideal for technical divers, instructors, this compact underwater slate will fit into most BCD Pockets, yet has plenty of room for taking notes, communicating with your dive buddy, or writing down skill performance when training. Whatever your writing needs are, this slate can get it done. Unlike more conventional dive slates the WR5 pencil has replaceable lead for years of continued use. Slate is also equipped with a corrosion resistant locking gate clip and perhaps best of all, a retractor with lockable mechanism so you don’t have to struggle to prevent it from being pulled back while writing.  The WR5 is up to the technical diving task at hand


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