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MINISOL – 10 watt LED torch (rechargeable)

Slightly negatively buoyant and comfortable to use underwater, the torch body is machined from a solid block of marine grade aluminum, then anodized. The tempered glass lens seals and protects the state-of-art electronic circuit inside. The torch can be turned on / off simply by twisting the end cap, releasing 750 lumens of white hot light bursting from the 10 watt LED bulb. The battery compartment is completely sealed-off by double o-rings.

The torch is powered by custom-made Japanese lithium ion battery and the charging procedure is extremely easy – simply place the used battery in the charger and the charging status can be monitored by the LED light color (green – ready / yellow– charging). Once fully charged, the charger will stop charging even if the battery is not removed immediately.  Depth-rated to 328 ft, the MINSIOL delivers about 70 minutes of burn time between charges.  The MINISOL proves big things come in small packages.