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Into The Depth

Into the depth: Dolphin Tech opens up the exciting world of technical diving to recreational divers.

For recreational divers who have always aspired to deep-dive 40 meters (130 feet) and beyond, who yearn for the exhilaration and adventure of cave or wreck diving, Dolphin Tech facilitates that transition.

Of course, there’s more to the move from recreational diving to technical diving besides acquiring Dolphin Tech’s highly specialized equipment: There is the necessary training and certification offered by a myriad of technical training organizations. These include Technical Diving International (TDI), Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), and of course the technical arm of Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), among others.

Once certified and properly trained, Dolphin Tech is ready to really open up the depths of your technical diving world with the world’s safest, highest-quality and easy-to-use gears. You’re assured of having a superlative diving experience with our solid, diver friendly, affordable products, each geared to de-mystify technical diving for the novice.

In fact, perhaps you may be intimidated by your contemplated move into the world of technical diving. By what you mistakenly perceive as its potential high cost. Or even by its possible complexity. That’s where Dolphin Tech comes in. Our technical gears are all price-pointed to make technical diving extremely accessible. Same with the design of Dolphin Tech equipment. Each and every gear, from the smallest accessory to our most sophisticated dive computer is engineered with Dolphin Tech’s hallmark ease of use and diver-responsive simplicity. The net result is that your move into the depths of technical diving is vastly easier than you ever imagined!

For instance, Dolphin Tech BCDs and technical BCD components provide a virtually infinite, modular mix of configurations to match your circumstances and particular dive profile. Since your safety literally turns on the right, or left valve, our tank valves are uniquely fool-proof, indestructible and precision-engineered. We offer a comprehensive, versatile line-up of technical diving accessories, and our torches are simple, powerful, affordable -- boasting the highest ratings and reviews in the technical diving industry. Our GP-4000 Compass + has a built-in compass that can be activated with merely a touch of the button, and works at unimaginable angles impossible for conventional units.

It all adds up to an unbelievably affordable, easy transition to technical diving.

Dive deeper. Dive Dolphin Tech!