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  1. GP4000


    COMPASS+ dive computer

    Dolphin Tech GP4000 COMPASS+ has a built-in digital compass that provides unparalleled visibility impossible to achieve with a conventional compass.  It has a new dot-matrix screen that offers a better visual presentation of information including a live dive profile graph.  You can also program up to 3 Nitrox mixtures with this advanced computer, and seamlessly switch between the gases mid-dive.

    Dive deeper. Dive Dolphin Tech!

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  2. LS3




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  3. GP4100



    This double-gauge console is essentially a compact triple-gauge console as COMPASS+ already as an integrated compass. The dive computer is positioned slightly angled so the information can be easily read. Shock absorbing TPR boot provides excellent protection.

    Pressure gauge maximum reading: 350 BAR (5000psi).

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  4. LS11



    • This tiny LED strobe is an excellent night diving accessory. It can be clipped to any BCD D-ring or cylinder cam band for the signalling of one’s position. It self-activates upon contact with water. There is absolutely no risk for the unit to be flooded as all electronic components are sealed inside the durable plastic casing.

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  5. T14



    Mini back-up, mini-price, maxi-brightness and burn-time.  Handy-sized 1-watt back-up torch with very effective illumination.  Double o-ring seal provides extra security against leakage. 

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  6. T16



    Burn time: 8 hours Weight: 13.5 oz. A slick pocket light, the Dolphin Tech T16 Sunny LED requires only three batteries (Dolphin Tech provides a fourth “dummy” battery with each light).   This makes the Sunny more economical to operate, while still delivering more burn time than many other lights that run on four C batteries. Recording among the highest EV reading in its class, this pocket torch generates a super hot spot beam 13 inches in diameter, surrounded by a very bright, wide halo that reaches out more than three feet from center, providing more than ample periphery illumination. It’s almost like a combo spotlight and floodlight. The light head and battery casing are protected from the elements with a double O-ring seal for extra security against leakage.  The swivel-lever switch can be activated one-handed, and it comes with a switch-lock system that prevents accidental activation.  The Sunny is depth rated to 200 feet and comes with a wrist lanyard. 

    *Note: Remember to use the dummy battery; using four C batteries can damage the circuit.”

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  7. T120


    MINISOL – 10 watt LED torch (rechargeable)

    Shorter than the average length of the hand, only 5.5” in length, it is hard to believe the MINISOL can produce so much light from such a compact unit. Despite the size, its bright beam rivals and even surpasses other popular primary torch models.

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  8. T101



    The T101 dive torch is a powerhouse when it comes to pumping out illumination. Its three LEDs produce an intense 12-inch-diameter hotspot that measure 11.0 EV.  Even better, the hotspot is surrounded by a diffused halo that extends to almost four feet in diameter, substantially increasing the light’s coverage. 

    Measuring six inches long by two and a half inches in diameter, the T101 has a rugged look. The casing is made of a durable black aluminum alloy with self-seating aluminum threads and a double o-ring seal good to 328 feet. It uses a lantern handle and the on/off switch has a thumb-lock to prevent accidental activation. The battery pack delivers four and a half hours of burn time. To charge, simply unscrew the housing and plug the charging cord into the internal port. The torch comes with a changeable photographic lens and a nice wrist lanyard.  The bottom line: The T101 generates a super-bright light beam well-suited for night diving, cave exploration or photography.

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  9. T100



    Simple, powerful, affordable.   Compact, (13.5cm long, 7 cm in diameter). 3 high-powered LEDs set behind the tempered glass lens. Well-built anodized aluminum body with easy functionality including super-simple on/off switch   Waterproof to 100 meters. Unique option to mix and match the individual lamp reflectors with diffused photographic lenses, providing an even light source suitable for use with a video camera.  Provides over 2.5 hours of continuous use with one set of six AA batteries.  Water-proofing provided by two sequential 0-rings.   Add it all up:  The T100 is one powerful little package especially ideal for the travelling tech diver.

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  10. T110


    Canister torch

    The Dolphin Tech T110 660 Lumens canister light generates a super-bright light beam well-suited for advanced or night diving, wreck diving and even the darkest cave exploration. In ScubaLab testing, its three LEDs produced a highly- intense 12-inch diameter hotspot, thereby matching the brightest light they had ever tested. Surrounding the hot spot, a halo extends almost 4 feet in diameter – it effectively quadruples the T110’s light coverage area. Rugged, compact, with adjustable Goodman handle and housed in a visually and tactilely  pleasing, durable, anodized aluminum-alloy body, this technical diving torch is thoroughly well-thought out, typical of the entire Dolphin Tech line of technical diving gear. Bottom line: The Dolphin Tech T110 may be new, but it’s already an industry-leading technical diving powerhouse when it comes to pumping out white, bright illumination.  Lighting the way, Dolphin Tech’s newest line of hybrid technical diving equipment is already setting the industry pace for quality, durability and precision.

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  11. PCI3000



    The interface is needed to upload / download information to and from COMPASS+.

    The computer gauges software is available for download from IST’s web site.

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