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Commercial diving bell harness

Ease of use built-in to this commercial diving bell harness with rubber back plate and crotch straps.  Unique to the HHBP III is the Marseille style buckles on the crotch straps, a convenient feature desirable to the commercial diver.  This buckle will provide the give to stretch the belt, but with no possibility of accidentally rubbing against something that will trip the release.  Marseille buckles are super-secure and won’t slip even on a 2-piece 7mm wetsuit.

As a commercial diver, you know your profession is potentially dangerous.  That’s the nature of the beast.  The conditions may be treacherous and unpredictable, but to tame it your equipment needs to be a cut above -- tough and predictably reliable, dive-in and dive-out.  Dolphin Tech’s line of Commercial Diving Bell Harnesses are up to the job, and then some.


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