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Commercial diving bell harness

Commercial diving is physically demanding, and potentially dangerous.  Flagship of the line, the HHBP 1 is up to the job and then some.  This rugged commercial diving bell harness is extremely comfortable to use, with or without the back-mounted bail out cylinder. 

 • BP5 rubber plate: The heart of the new bell harness is the specially made, ultra tough and flexible BP5 rubber plate. It is made from top grade material with 2 added layers of tear-resistant nylon mesh as reinforcement. There are 2 sets of vertical cut-outs along the centre of the plate for the mounting of bail-out gas supply if necessary (tank straps are available separately). 

  • Each waist strap comes with 2 * 6mm hook up D-rings, secured to the lower edge and a large 8mm emergency hook up D-ring is riveted to the top of the centre strap, located in between the shoulder straps.

´╝ÄComes with Magic Velcro Tape : MV-1/4pcs

    Magic Velcro Tape: Velcro tape helps you to fix the extra webbings.

 • Sizes: XS, S, M, L


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